Specialized Hotel Solutions

Specialized Hotel Solutions

Putting the Puzzle Together

Owning and operating a profitable hotel is not easy in today's market conditions. Specialized Hotel Solutions takes a comprehensive approach to helping you. We analyze every aspect of your business. Our team will view the current situation and create a strategy with you and your management team to coordinate short term and long term plans to achieve your revenue goals.

Dan Carlson, President
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John Gieseke, Vice President
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Accounting Service
We do complete accounting service to have your reconciled financials available on a daily basis complete with tax filings and daily cash flow management.

What do we do?

Specialized Hotel Solutions
  • Competitive Marketing Positioning
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Business Mix
  • Decision Making Process including Tools and Reports
  • Internal Communication
  • Staff Training
  • ECommerce Strategy
  • Benchmark Performance Trends



Revenue Management
Together we can grow your bottom line revenues with better management of rates and inventory. Your hotels can see revenue growth with the same occupancy or lower occupancy numbers by using proven revenue management techniques.
Management and Operational Review
Management and Operational Review
Operational excellence is a key to increased Return On Investment. We are here to make sure the guest experience is of great value to them. It is important to foster an environment that puts the guest first. Without great guest service Revenue Management becomes a difficult task.
Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Third Party Review
Today, 81% of those who travel use online reviews to make their hotel decisions. This is a reality and hotels must be proactive. and manage their product image and reputation on internet sites. A hotel has to listen, reach out, engage, and react to their guest on line. This plus ensuring your placement on search engines are a must for any hotel moving forward. More and more guests are using social media products like facebook, twitter, google plus, and others to make descisions for their lodging needs.
We offer complete management services. We meet with you upon commencement to evaluate your situation and needs. Then we develop a business plan to meet those custom goals. We review with you on a regular basis to maintain consistency and revise when needed.
  • Set you up for success and be your partner in areas that we both agree that help is needed.
  • Grow your top line revenue and bring that to the bottom line.
How do we achieve those goals?
  • Revenue Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Third Party Review
  • Management and Operational Review
  • Accounting Service
  • Complete Management